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The mind is a fire to be kindled, not a vessel to be filled

Grades 4-8

According to a new study published in the American Educational Research Journal, sixth-, seventh- and eighth-graders are bullied less, don't fight as much and do better in school when they attend K–8 schools than when they attend traditional 6–8 middle schools or 6–12 schools. They also tend to feel safer and more like they belong in K–8 schools... .

--Heather Finn, Traditional Middle Schools Could Actually Be Hurting Your Kids

About Carla

Carla Watts With twenty-plus years of teaching experience, Carla Watts is our 4 through 8th-grade teacher. Carla is certified to teach Kindergarten-9th grade in Illinois and Prek-12th in California. She has endorsements in several subject areas including cross-cultural education, middle school education and several upper-level subjects. She has 42 hours of graduate credit in education and special education. Carla has been a presenter at math and science conferences in Southern Illinois. Carla has been in Who's Who for American Teachers several times. In regards to this honor she says, "I particularly value this, because you have to be nominated by students who have been recognized for outstanding achievement." Carla also appreciates the fact that her students know she is their teacher for life and keep in touch long after they leave New School. Carla has extensive 'real world' experience outside the academic community, and she feels this gives what she teaches her kids (also known as her students) more depth and value. Carla uses Love and Logic® to manage her classroom, just as all the CNS teachers do. She is also a certified instructor in the Love and Logic® 9 Essential Skills for the Love and Logic Classroom. Carla is a 2016 semi-finalist for the 2016 Escallante-Gradillas Prize for Best in Education.

Carla's Philosophy of Teaching

Classroom Every child can learn, and as a teacher, I discover how they learn best and motivate them to do that. To do that, I build a relationship with each and every student. The most important thing to teach a child is how to think and how to learn so they can be lifelong learners. I encourage my students to question and explore so they can gain the skills necessary to become lifelong learners. I lead my class by example and would not ask students to complete work that I wouldn't do myself. I believe the best way to teach behaviors and values is to model them and abide by all rules we set in the classroom. Most of all, no matter the age of the student, I respect them and treat them how I would want to be treated. I think it is important never to lie to a child.


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Qty Item Description Label Class
    w/Name Use
1 pkg pens (blue or black only) (erasable preferred)
1 pkg pencils
1 pkg colored pencils
1 zippered pencil pouch (no boxes or cans)
1 hand-held pencil sharpener with a closed case for shavings
1 large pink or white eraser
2 pkgs dry correction tape (e.g. white-out or Tombow)
1 deck playing cards
2 reams printer paper
1 ream colored printer paper
2 lg pkgs college-ruled loose-leaf paper
2 pkgs graph paper (quadrille ruled)
4 college-ruled composition books
1 yellow highlighter
4 thin dry-erase markers
2 Scotch™ tape
2 pair adult-sized scissors
3 boxes Kleenex (no lotion)
1 combination lock for locker
1 12-inch clear ruler with both metric and standard scales
1 clipboard
1 calculator (TI-30 series) or Graphing Calculator (TI-84 series)
1 pair headphones or earbuds for use with Macbooks
1 pair safety glasses or goggles
1 sturdy water bottle (refillable not disposable)
1 pair gym shoes
1 insect repellant
1 sunscreen
1 backpack
1 Clorox™ wipes
1 box Swiffer™ duster refills
1 pkg large Expo low odor dry erase markers
1 bottle Elmer’s glue (not school glue)
1 lunch bag or box
4 folder, poly, 2-pocket with prongs (1 each red, yellow, blue, green)
2 folder, poly, 2-pocket w/o prongs (1 each orange, purple)
2 black Sharpies
2 pkgs 3x3 Post-it Notes™
1 pkg lined, 3X5 cards
 Girls Only:
1 pk gallon Ziploc Baggies
 Boys Only:
1 pk quart Ziploc Baggies
 Grades 6,7,8 Only:
1 clear protractor
1 compass (type with screws)
1 pair mud/rain Boots
extra clothes

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  • toner for printer
  • nets for soccer goals
  • replace damaged part of soccer goal frames
  • boards and logs to build forts
  • outdoor fabrics to use in forts
  • brooms
  • duct tape
  • masking tape
  • washi tape
  • rug & pillows for reading area
  • dry erase erasers and spray cleaner
  • curtains or fabric and sewing supplies or gift card
  • refrigerator
  • pet supplies
  • card stock
  • poster board
  • more sand for sandbox
  • landscape rocks and pebbles
  • basketballs
  • nets for basketball hoops
  • net behind basketball goal area
  • soccer balls
  • ultimate frisbee/frisbee golf goals and discs
  • supplies to build ga-ga ball pit outdoors
  • paint for bathroom